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Steps to take if you’ve been broken in to.

If you've been broken into, prioritize your safety first. It is a difficult situation to face, but unfortunately some of us may find ourselves in this position. Here are some clear, concise steps to follow. Take a little pressure off of yourself during this unprecedented time and follow my checklist. Here's what to do:

  1. Ensure Safety: If the intruder is still present, leave your home immediately and call emergency services from a safe location.

  2. Contact & report: Call the police to report the break-in. Provide them with as much information as possible, including what you observed and any damage or missing items.  Report the break-in to your insurance provider or landlord. Contact a professional locksmith to make your property secure and arrange additional measures (like changing the locks) if any security has been breached.

  3. Photograph Evidence: Take photos of any damage exactly as you have found it.

  4. Secure the Property: It's imperative to secure any entry points that were breached to prevent further access by intruders. This is a scary time, to put your mind at rest have a professional ensure your property is secure.

  5. Notify Neighbors: Inform neighbors about the break-in, its a good idea to make them aware and find out if they might have witnessed anything suspicious.

  6. Utilise your Support: Experiencing a break-in can be traumatic, it's good to talk. Seek support from friends, family, or a professional counselor if needed to cope with any anxiety around what happened.

  7. Review Security Measures: Evaluate your home security measures and consider upgrading them to prevent future break-ins. This may include installing reinforced locks, alarms or security cameras. If you feel protected by your security features, you will ensure you have peace of mind for the future.

There are many professionals out there that can make sure your property is secure, contacting a local locksmith directly can help to reduce the financial impact.

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